Aggressive behaviour

The Design Challenge:

Reducing aggressive behaviour among children And teenagers in Tel Aviv-Jaffa


Reducing violence among children and teenagers is a Multi-systemic adaptive Challenge.

We encounter the phenomenon everywhere in different ways. It has nothing to do with economic status, age of origin or gender

Nevertheless, there is a consensus on the existence of a “violent climate“ both among education professionals and among the general population.

We reframe the challenge to deal with the Interpretable aggression that beneath the surface such as Violent discourse, Scorning, Aggression, Controlling behavior, Hooliganism.

Aggressive behavior It is the infrastructure of the phenomenon, may escalate to severe violence Isn’t always reported and addressed

Interpretable aggressive behavior if not considered significant and doesn’t get a response will be considered as legitimate a new norm is formed

What we did?

  • Field research preparation workshop, Using the “Extreme Users” method
  • 50 in-depth interviews with students, 5th-8th graders. We want to learn from them how the see and how they feel about this phenomenon from them point of view.
  • 20 in-depth interviews with experts
  • Various observations at school and at the children’s leisure activity spaces
  • Baseline survey
  • Desktop research to get inspired from initiatives from around the world 
  • Ideation zoom conference with 50 Participants
  • Initiative development and characterization co creation workshop

התנאים בביה”ס מזמנים התנהגויות תוקפניות:

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