Who am I?

Yarive Epstein, CX, Research Lead and Service Design Expert on the Impact team – the innovation team of the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality


CX, Research Lead, and Service Design Expert at impact team – The Innovation Team of the Tel Aviv Municipality – Jaffa. The team develops applied initiatives and solutions based on human-centric research, which address complex challenges in the city.

  • Building research programs, designing research tools
  • Recruitment, management, and initiation of a team of freelance researchers
  • Leading analysis and processing processes, formulating insights, and interpreting them as opportunities
  • Responsibility for creating products such as persona, travel, identifying opportunity areas, and building and designing presentations
  • Translating the outcomes of teamwork into a coherent story-telling, including its visualization
  • Leading thought sessions and brainstorming with different stakeholder groups
  • Characterization and development of public initiatives and services, including the implementation of prototyping concepts and tools
  • Implementing perceptions and tools of collaborative design methodologies in the day-to-day work
  • Developing innovation methodologies and training young adults in the “Urban Innovation Internship Program.”

At every opportunity:

  • Lecturer in the Department of External Studies – Bezalel, Industrial Design preparatory program for entry exams
  • Lecturer in the Innovation Lab as part of the Innovation Consortium “JLM Impact”– a collaboration between the Hebrew University, Bezalel, and Azrieli College – in partnership with Tahir Avni
  • Facilitator of workshops in the field of design thinking in a variety of different programs of “Maoz” – programs for the development of leadership in the public sector – “Inbar,” “Place,” “Ripples” – in cooperation with “Hazira.”
  • Hosts conceptual workshops within the innovation teams of the Bloomberg Foundation, Beersheba, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem
  • Development and guidance of a laboratory for solving complex problems through design thinking, at the Annual Educational Psychology Conference in Eilat – in collaboration with Yael Shalah Moshonov

In my past:

I ran an independent graphic design and branding studio. I served as the studio’s chief designer as part of this work, experimenting with process management, suppliers, subordinate management, business development, and marketing.

And for a decade as a senior director in the advertising world, I was a partner in creating print and digital campaigns for the firm’s clients.


M.A. Laude in the design management and innovation program at the Bezalel Academy of Design, Jerusalem, and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at Bezalel.